Food Friday: Chicken Tuna Casserole

I like a good casserole and have been known to make a few, but I think this casserole might be on my doctor's list of forbidden foods. Notice that not only does it have a 1/2 lb of Velveeta cheese (yum) it includes onions or green peppers fried in butter. (In all fairness it says that you can just dice them and put them in milk.) My favorite part has to be the potato chip topping. Course if I made this, I may just eat all the Velveeta and call for reservations.

And we wonder why Americans have such a high incident of heart disease?

This recipe is from the 1958 community cookbook entitled The Husband Holder compiled by the editors of the Newhall Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's a good peek at food in the 1950s which included lots of cream soups, casseroles, and jello.

Oh and for those who don't like tuna, don't worry. There's no tuna in this recipe.


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