Friday, August 15, 2014

Food Friday: Breakfast is Served

Today's cookbook is from Texas. The Houston Civic Club Cook Book (1906). Arranged by Mrs. C.M. Crawford and Ladies of the Civic Club is a must for anyone who has ancestors in Houston during this time. It includes a history of the Civic Club, their club's constitution, and a list of officers. Best of all it's available for download from Internet Archive.

There's all kinds of great advertisements in this cookbook, it appears that there are more than you would find in similar cookbooks including this one with a photo of a butcher shop.

Or this one that proclaims no liquor is sold.

It's not too often that I find breakfast dishes in the community cookbook I peruse so today is a rarity. While I'm not sure how dainty bacon and corned beef is, it does sound good since I'm ready for breakfast right now.

I like the last line that says "This recipe is original and delicious, if properly served." It's almost like saying, "if this doesn't turn out, it's your fault." If only other recipes had such great disclaimers.

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