Friday, March 7, 2014

Food Friday: Women's Suffrage Cookbooks

For this Food Friday I thought we would take a look at Suffrage Cookbooks. Charity or community cookbooks were used to raise funds for causes, and women's suffrage was no exception. While I do not have any of these cookbooks in my own collection, you can find them digitized online and in special collections.

One such cookbook was The Woman Suffrage Cook Book  written by Mrs. Hattie A Burr around 1886. Several pages list recipe contributors, many of which were well-known names in the suffrage movement. The copy shown below is available from one of my favorite cookbook websites, Feeding America.

Who wouldn't want to cook a recipe from a well-known suffragette? How about an egg recipe from Alice Stone Blackwell, daughter of women's rights advocate Lucy Stone who went against tradition and didn't take her husband's surname (and that was in 1855).

There's also advertisements in this cookbook.

There's a great article about this cookbook on Emily Contois' website. There are other suffrage cookbooks online including:

Was your ancestor a suffragette?

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  1. Great post on these important (and fascinating!) suffrage cookbooks. And thank you for linking to my article, "The Woman Suffrage Cookbook of 1886: Culinary Evidence of Women Finding a New Voice in a Time of Great Transition." I had such a fun time working with this cookbook - and I'm sure you did as well!